He believes high probability of repeated freeze pension accruals

LIMA, October 11. Frost the likelihood of new pension accruals in the next three years high. This opinion was expressed to journalists by former Minister of Finance, the head of Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin.

“I see that in the next three years we will be essentially in the same condition. It is likely that this can occur every year in the next three years, high. And even there is a risk that the state will waive the pension due to the current financial imbalances,” not eliminate it.

Earlier, the government decided for the third year in a row to freeze the pension savings of citizens.

Besides, according to Kudrin, the government in the circumstances was forced to take a “quick” budget solutions to balance the budget.

“The government’s decision is indicative – in the spring it refused frosts, and in autumn again to her back. This is what generally is expected from the government: when there are insufficient funds, the government, having insufficient structural reforms, would cling to such a quick solution – raising taxes, freezing the pension,” he says.