Putin: Russia warned about the beginning of the operation in Syria “out of goodwill”

VLADIVOSTOK, October 11. /Corr. /. Russia warned about the beginning of operations in Syria from good will and on grounds of expediency. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia-1” announced the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“We are generally never in the planning and early operations of this kind does not warn. And we did it. From good will and on grounds of expediency, and the desire to show that we are open for cooperation”,- said the President.

“The easiest thing would be to join our efforts and, thus, to legalize their own actions on Syrian territory because if we have a mandate from the official authorities, then the easiest thing is to join us and to work within that mandate. But, if you know better than we the situation on site – you are already present there more than a year, illegally, but still present, if you know better, which I doubt, but let’s say, give us goals, we’ll work it out,” – said Putin.

“Refused. Said: no, at this level we will not work. It is not clear why, if they do know better and want to fight terrorism, give us specific places where terrorists hide, where their control points, warehouses with weapons and equipment. Give us purpose, what could be simpler? But, unfortunately, we to such a level of joint work are not reached. But, again, the first steps in establishing contacts at the military level have been taken,” the President said.

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