Putin: Russia’s actions in Syria is not a spontaneous action, and the execution of the previous plans

VLADIVOSTOK, October 11. Operation of Russia in Syria is not a spontaneous action, and the execution of the previous plans, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in interview to “Russia 1”.

“Everything that happens in heaven and on earth, is not a spontaneous action, and the execution of the previous plans,” said the Russian head of state.

The Russian leader noted that Military space forces of the Russian Federation “was prepared for these military actions”. “We carried out preliminary activities, which was what we focused in the right place at the right time with sufficient amount of effort and money. We conducted persistently and for a long time of exploration from space and from the air. We contrasted the different types of received information”, – said Putin.

The head of state added that the representatives of the General staff worked in coordination with the Syrian partners and other countries in the region. Established an information center in Baghdad. “And as a result the exchange has received additional information,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

The tasks of the Russian Federation in Syria

According to the President, the task of Russia is to stabilize the legitimate government in Syria. “Our goal is to stabilize the legitimate government and create conditions for a political compromise. Militarily, of course, he said. – When near the capital there is a division of international terrorists ISIL, then, probably, no desire to negotiate with the Syrian government, which, probably, it almost feel under siege in his own capital, probably, does not occur”.

According to Putin, if the Syrian army will show its vitality in combating terrorism, it will increase the possibility of political compromise. From the Syrian army, said the Russian President, will depend on the success of the offensive on terrorists.

Responding to a question about whether Russia considers the possibility of using his army in a ground operation in Syria, the President said: “no, No”. “We are not going to do that,” said Putin.

About upgrading the army

Russia intends to re-equip the entire army with precision weapons like missiles “Caliber”, which was used in Syria, said Vladimir Putin.

“It’s certainly high-tech weapons; this weapon, we plan to re-equip the entire Russian army,” he said, noting that it has shown its effectiveness .

Putin said that the missiles “Caliber” are in service with the Russian army since 2012, their range is 1500 km “This is really complex and, as the practice of their application, very effective,” he added.

According to him, the trajectory of the missiles passed over the territory of two States, the route they made 147 of the turns at a height of from 80 to 1300 m. “Their speed is comparable to the speed of a jet plane,” – said Putin.

“It’s not secret information, all of our partners, in any case, at the expert level, aware of the fact that Russia has such weapons,” he said, noting that it is one thing to know about his presence and it’s another thing to make sure of their availability and know it (the weapons) are high quality and have the trained people who know how to use it effectively. “Russia has the will to use them”, – said Putin.

The use of new weapons will not lead to an arms race

The President believes that the use of the new weapons in Syria will lead to an arms race.

“No, it’s not in the arms race, the fact that modern means of destruction and delivery are improving, changing, and other countries are going faster than us. Therefore we are forced, I want to stress that – compelled – to keep up,” said the head of state.

According to him, Russian state armaments program was created several years ago “at a time when there was still no worsening in the international situation”. Putin reminded that the program was formatted and is now being implemented not because the Russian Federation was preparing for some kind of aggressive action, but because “that existed and still existing today in the Russian army offensive weapons, defensive systems, they gradually became obsolete and were in circulation”. “The time came to change them, and we have taken these decisions”, – concluded Putin.

About the dangers of terrorism

Vladimir Putin recognizes that the danger of terrorist attacks exists regardless of the participation of the Russian Federation in operations in Syria, but in this matter, in his estimation, it is necessary to act for preemption.

“We need a proactive act (in fighting terrorists), said the head of state. – Of course, the danger of such (terrorist attacks) exists. But without decisive action in Syria – and so she existed.”

“The threat of terrorism looming over many countries in the region (Middle East),” said the head of state.

Russia intends to defend its sovereignty

Russia is an independent country, and it does not intend to recreate the Empire or the Soviet Union, said Vladimir Putin.

“We have no desire to recreate an Empire, the Soviet Union, but we must protect their independence and sovereignty, what we have done and will continue to do,” he said.

“It’s not in Russia’s foreign policy, it is peaceful without any exaggeration,” Putin said. “Russia does not need foreign territories, nor any natural riches; we only have enough, we are a self – sufficient country”, – said the President. “There is no need for someone to fight or conflict”, – Putin said.

The head of state reminded that in 1990 Russia was the initiator of the divorce with the former Soviet republics.