Spring: NATO needs to confirm or deny the right of the attack aircraft of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, October 11. The Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya believes that NATO needs to confirm or deny media reports that the British pilots allegedly allowed to attack Russian planes in Iraq.

Earlier the London Sunday newspaper the Daily Star Sunday reported, citing its own sources in the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom that the pilots of NATO countries, including British military pilots, piloting multi-purpose fighters “the Tornado”, is given the right to attack in Iraqi airspace military aircraft of the Russian Federation, if there is “a threat to their lives.” However “the British air force pilots are instructed to avoid contact with the Russian fighters”, the newspaper notes.

“NATO needs to confirm or deny media reports that the British pilots who participate in hostilities in Iraq, were allowed to attack Russian planes in that case, if there is “danger to life, – said Yarovaya, quoted by her press service. – Otherwise, silence can be seen as a leakage of information about the support of NATO (the terrorist group) “Islamic state”.

According to the Deputy, it is obvious that the notion of “threat of life” is obviously meaningless, since “Russian military have direct exclusively on the defeat of ground targets ISIS in Syria and cannot even hypothetically pose a threat to the British air force”.

“In addition, if the information media is confirmed, it turns out that NATO intends to protect the IG, to commit war crimes against Russia, against the anti-terrorist coalition, which operates exclusively in accordance with international law”, – said Yarovaya.