Arbitration of St. Petersburg saw violations in the lawsuit Sberbank bankruptcy Kekhman

ST. PETERSBURG, October 12. Arbitration court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region left without movement till November 2, the claim of Sberbank of bankruptcy businessman Kekhman as individuals due to the fact that he served with the violations, according to the court’s determination was published in the electronic filing of cases.

“The application is submitted with violation of the requirements established by articles 125, 126 of the Arbitration procedure code of the Russian Federation, namely: – the statement does not specify the place of residence of the debtor, submitted documents indicating a place of residence of the debtor. Presents low-quality copy of the document, the origin of which is unknown”, – stated in the document.

Arbitration was offered to the applicant (Sberbank) to provide the necessary documents to the court until 2 November.

“If the circumstances which served as grounds for leaving the claim without movement, will not be eliminated in time, established in definition, the application and the attached documents, the Arbitration court returns in the manner prescribed by article 129 of the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation, in time not later than the next day after the expiry of the period specified in paragraph 2 of the definition (2 November)”, – the document says.

Sberbank October 1, the first day of action of the law on bankruptcy of natural persons, sued for bankruptcy as an individual businessman Vladimir Kekhman, who heads the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre. The amount of debt exceeds 4.5 billion.

In September the Arbitration court of St. Petersburg initiated the final bankruptcy proceedings against the company JFC Kekhman – competitive manufacture for a period of 6 months. The parent company – CJSC “Group Jay EF C” case which was heard since February of 2012, declared bankrupt. Commenting on the decision, the head of Sberbank German Gref said earlier that Sberbank would continue the trial for the debts of the bankrupt major importer of fruits.

According to the register of creditors approved by the court at the end of October 2014, their requirements for JFC amounted 18,23 billion. Among them Sberbank (6,06 billion), Bank of Moscow (4,498 billion), PSB (1.74 billion), URALSIB Bank (1.5 billion), Raiffeisenbank (907 million), the Amsterdam trade Bank N. In. (742,97 million), UniCredit Bank (450,85 million).

Kekhman himself also became an assignee of part of the debt of the company. He paid for the JFC from his own funds a small part of debt to Sberbank /26,5 million roubles/, the PSB (13.7 million), Bank “St.-Petersburg” (9.8 million). The representative Kekhman in court reported that it spent 100 million rubles.

In April 2015 Kekhman in an interview, some media reported that allegedly Sberbank Gref and personally involved in his legal prosecution for debts of several companies that had previously belonged to him. Gref then described Kekhman claims about the legal persecution of the phrase “beyond good and evil”.

CJSC “Group Jay EF si” in February 2012 filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy, then was put under observation. Then it became known that the company’s founder Vladimir Kekhman, its former Director General Andrey Afanasiev and ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors Yulia Zakharova have become involved in the theft of the savings Bank borrowed funds on a large scale. The businessman claimed that he was deceived by their top managers.