Bloomberg: gas and without tourists from Russia will be very difficult

Bloomberg: gas and without tourists from Russia will be very difficult

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has clearly jumped the gun to present a threat to Russia: the economy of his country from the break in relations would be seriously affected, according to Bloomberg.

MOSCOW, 12 Oct. The President of Turkey Erdogan is making loud statements about the possible refusal of purchases of Russian gas, do not underestimate the importance of economic ties with Russia, writes Bloomberg.

“Istanbul and Moscow historically holds the balance between hostility and pragmatic cooperation, thus they have always been able to prefer economic interests to mutual distrust. The threat of President Erdogan to break trade ties with Moscow because of dissatisfaction with Turkey about the Russian military campaign in Syria ring very hollow” — commented the author of the article.

Turkey and Russia have long-standing economic relations, which actively developed from the sixteenth century, reminds the journalist. Almost 75% of the energy Turkey currently receives imports from other countries, Russia supplies a fifth of the energy. According to the Russian project in Turkey will be built the country’s first NPP “Akkuyu”. Countries are discussing the project “Turkish stream”, which involves the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey across the Black sea. In addition, Turkey’s just not profitable to part with many Russian tourists. “Despite all the outrage of erdoğan, there is only one obvious fact: without Russia, the Turkish economy is very much affected”, — concludes the author.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 8 said that Turkey due to the worsening of relations with Russia because of afianzamiento may reconsider the issue of Russian gas supplies.

The defense Ministry earlier reported that on 3 October the Russian su-30 made a short-lived, for a few seconds, set in Turkish airspace. The defense Ministry noted that this incident was due to the adverse weather conditions.