Bordyuzha: the CSTO representatives can join the OSCE observers in Eastern Ukraine

MOSCOW, October 12. The organization of collective security Treaty will assist in the monitoring mission of the OSCE in the East of Ukraine became introduced such as the CSTO, said CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha at the meeting of the Permanent Council of the organization for the security issues in Eurasia.

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Secretary General: OSCE increases number of observers on the line of contact in Eastern Ukraine

During the meeting the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier has proposed member States of the CSTO to take part in the monitoring mission of the organization in the East of Ukraine, because the tasks of the OSCE in the region are expanding.

“We would like to continue to contribute to the maintenance of the cease-fire, and that requires more staff monitoring mission, which must control the line of contact. In addition, we have a function of monitoring the withdrawal of heavy weapons,” – said Zannier.

In turn, the CSTO Secretary General explained that all members can participate in the mission. “This will increase the objectivity of assessments. We welcome this proposal and will assist to such people in our States have been selected,” said Bordyuzha.

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