Chapter JV of the Russian Federation: to stop a useless and senseless waste, we need political will

MOSCOW, October 12. The Russian budget each year acquires new costs, the effectiveness of which is difficult to understand; requires a certain stiffness to limit the inclusion in the budget are useless and ineffective spending. This was stated by the head of the accounting chamber Tatyana Golikova in an interview.

“Unfortunately, the year-on-year budget only acquires such charges: the money is available in a variety of useful things, and there is no effect. To stop a useless and senseless waste, we need political will. Sometimes it is not enough. You should be able to put the point,” she said.

The budget priorities

“Could talk at length on the topic, what exactly is the responsibility of the state, it must support the economy, industry, agriculture or population. Clearly, Russia is in the frame tight budget and have to choose what will be the priority – the preservation in full by the state earlier social commitments, or the opportunity to refuse something and to invest in infrastructure,” – said Golikova.

She recalled that on the national economy annually allocates fairly large sum of money. Overall on the national economy, according to preliminary data of the Ministry of Finance, the planned 2.5 trillion rubles, which is 11.7% higher than in 2015.

And if the assessment of social benefits is no problem, the efficient use of funds invested in specific projects in industry, support farmers and infrastructure of the Russian JV have serious issues. In particular, the speaker mentioned the fact that budgetary funds reaching the beneficiaries do not always go directly to the stated purpose: “for years lying in the banks, were held by various subcontractors”.

Transparency and control

In her opinion, when allocating funds to investment projects, you must first create a transparent system of control over efficiency of expenditure of these funds.

“Arguments, like, there from social programs cut, here a little podsokratit, cause people ask the questions. Of course, restrictions are unavoidable, but they should always be understandable. Need a clear and transparent policy in all areas,” she notes.

Golikova noted that the realization that the new macroeconomic environment need to actively take measures to optimize costs and savings has not yet come to all recipients.

Live within your means

“If we talk about the Federal authorities, the current situation is really critical for the two ministries ─ economic development and Finance. They assess the state of Affairs based on objective indicators, and are aware of the degree of responsibility for what is happening. After all, the demand will be with them. And the rest of the ministries and agencies that use Federal ─ and only ─ resources, not to the end, in my opinion, you feel that the situation has changed radically,” she says.

According to her, while in the Russian economy enough funds to implement development processes, for which these funds were accumulated.

“But then the keyword “while”. People continue to live as if we still all good. So you can not particularly to save money, increase new spending and do not account for the previously made”, – said Golikova.

Head JV believes that awareness of the new realities will come to the officials in October, when it will be taken all major decisions on the budget for 2016.

“In October, be aware of the responsibility I have to. The life force”, – she said.

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