Demchyshyn: power transmission tower, which supplied energy in the Crimea, was deliberately damaged

KIEV, October 12. Reliance power transmission lines (LEP), which supplies electricity to the Crimea, was deliberately damaged. About this informed the head of Ministry of Ukraine Volodymyr demchyshyn.

“I was actually specifically electrical towers damaged, its repair. These work for today not finished yet”, – he said.

The Minister also assured that the energy blockade of the Crimea does not exist. “Energy supplies electricity to Crimea, we’re not playing political games,” he said.

Previously “Ukrenergo” has confirmed the fact of damage to power transmission towers Melitopol-Dzhankoy supporters of the blockade of the Crimea, which led to a decline of electropositive on the Peninsula.

As reported in the company, “in connection with necessity of repair of the damaged line I had to pause the reconstruction of the neighboring line Kakhovka-Dzhankoy and urgent to include it in the work.”

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“Today electricity supplies to Crimea only to the extent of 650 MW, 200 MW below needs”, – emphasized in “Ukrenergo”.

According to the representative of the company, she managed to convince “the chief of staff of the public initiative for the blockade of the Crimea” Lenur Islyamov in the need for repair of the damaged support and tolerance towards it maintenance staff. As a result the company has promised to complete the restoration work “until the end of the day.”

Rolling blackout will not be

The Russian company “Krymenergo” stated that the restriction of supply of electricity up to 650 MW from Ukraine to Crimea due to damage of the October 6 power transmission towers, which served electricity to the Crimea, does not affect the consumers, blackouts are not introduced.

In normal mode, the Crimea provides itself with 30% with electric power generation, 70% diversion from Ukraine. In case of emergency: Peninsula at the expense of own sources of electricity will be able to provide for themselves by 70-80%.