Deputy foreign Minister: Moscow’s proposal to help find a way out of the crisis in relations with the West

MOSCOW, October 12. Moscow’s proposals, including in the military-political and economic areas, allow you to find a way out of the crisis in relations with the West. This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov at the meeting of “Open tribune” in the state Duma.

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According to him, after the 1990s, the West has appeared painful reaction to forfeiting its global dominance. “It would not be the Ukrainian events, there would be other occasions,” said Sacks.

The Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry believes that the Arab spring was preceded by the “European restructuring”. “If at the initial stage in the 1990s, the EU was formed as a largely Autonomous Association, and then through the mechanisms of NATO has worked, NATO solidarity, and the EU has increasingly begun to look towards “big brother” – said a senior diplomat.

“There is a way, including through the constructive program, which Russia has offered across the spectrum of problems, says Sacks. – In the military-political plan is to create a common and indivisible security system: to adopt a legally binding instrument.”

Referring to the economy, the Deputy foreign Minister recalled the proposal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to form a common humanitarian and economic space from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.

According to the diplomat, more and more politicians and businessmen in the West understand that confrontation with Russia is a road to nowhere. “There remains ample scope (of cooperation – ed.), let it be difficult, on the most pressing international problems, he said. Is the threat of terrorism, migration, crises, as in Syria, Libya and many others.”

“The interest and opportunities of cooperation, he continued Bags. – It should be noted that if recently our partners in the West organized their politics through confrontation, but now more and more politicians, businessmen believe that it is a way in anywhere that there is the possibility of extreme and urgent need for cooperation with Russia”.