In the current TOR Galvestone from investors filed 53 applications for 225 billion rubles

VLADIVOSTOK, October 12. /Corr. Natalia Nikulina, Marina Shatilova/. In the open in the far East 9 Territories of advanced development (TOR) submitted 53 requests from investors for projects for a total amount of 225 billion rubles this was reported on Monday the Minister of the Russian Federation for Far East development Alexander Galushka at a press conference in the seaside capital to celebrate the entry into force of the Federal law on the free port of Vladivostok.

“On the TORUS, which has filed 53 applications from residents for a total amount of 225 billion roubles It is already official application,” he said.

According to Alexander Galushka, “two weeks, maybe a little earlier, will announced a new round of selection” of projects to participate in THOR. “Today in the far East 46 investment projects have already been announced to potential investors, applying for direct support in the form of subsidies”, – said the Minister.

“We expect that till the end of the year additional investment projects will be selected and will receive support for implementation”,- said Alexander Galushka, noting that the budget for this support is allocated over 13 billion roubles.

Nine out of THOR open in Primorye there are two. THOR “Michael” will specialize in the placement of large agricultural production units and the centers of deep processing and logistics of agricultural products. It will cover an area of 3.9 thousand hectares of Private investment the first residents will amount to 39 billion rubles, 4.4 billion – budgetary funds. This platform will allow you to create almost 2.5 million jobs.

In the top of the “Nadezhda” will work 30 residents, of which “anchor” will become the “Nevada” and “Incom DV”. Key project THOR will become a transport and logistics complex of the company “Incom DV”. It will be a domestic terminal, linked by road or by rail with the seaport. It will also serve as the center for transshipment, storage and customs clearance. This TOR have already begun to create the infrastructure.

Another THOR in Primorye will become a Russian island. It is assumed that the documents for the approval of this TOR will be submitted to the government by the end of the year.