Lavrov will discuss with the Secretary General of the OSCE the implementation of the Minsk agreements

MOSCOW, October 12. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov will discuss on Monday in Moscow during the meeting with OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier in the implementation of the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, as well as the need to increase the number of OSCE observers in the Donbas.

“An important place at the talks with Lavrov Zannier is a perspective of the crisis in Ukraine and the OSCE’s role in contributing to its resolution through implementation of the parties – Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk Minsk agreements, primarily the political aspects that was highlighted at the summit “channel four” in Paris on 2 October,” said the Russian depodesta.

The foreign Ministry also said that in relation to the work of the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine “intend to draw the attention of the President on the need to increase the objectivity and impartiality of its reports”. “Advocate an increase in the number of observers permitted maximum of 1000 people (now their number is 543 people),” – continued the Russian foreign Ministry.

In depodesta stressed that Moscow is generally satisfied with the work of the special representative of the OSCE Chairman Martin Sajdik in the contact group on Ukraine, as well as the coordinators of the four working subgroups.

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In addition, at the meeting of Lavrov with the Zannier will discuss the efficiency of field missions and OSCE institutions – the Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR), high Commissioner on national minorities and representative on freedom of the media. Their activities have added in the Ministry, raises many questions. “One of the latest egregious examples of abuse of their mandates was the publication by the ODIHR Director Michael Georg Link and the Commissioner for national minorities Astrid Thors odious report on the situation of human rights in Crimea, which was prepared at a low professional level and without the direct orders of the legislative bodies of the OSCE,” – noted in the Russian foreign Ministry.

In the agenda of the meeting included the question of the prospects of continuing the OSCE framework of the dialogue of States parties to find ways out of the crisis of European security, including in the development of the process “Helsinki plus 40”. Lavrov and Zannier will pay attention also to the migration crisis in Western Europe because of the influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. “A number of States parties have made interesting proposals on improving the organization’s role in meeting this challenge,” concluded the Russian foreign Ministry.

The program of the visit Zannier in Moscow, besides meeting with Lavrov, includes a presentation on October 12 at the enlarged meeting of the permanent Council of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) for security in Eurasia. During the meeting will be discussed the issues of cooperation between the OSCE and the CSTO to counter challenges and threats.