Nobel laureate in Economics Angus Deaton believes in the reduction of poverty in the world

STOCKHOLM, October 12. /Corr. Irina Dergacheva/. One of the main problems of humanity is the fight against poverty.

In the coming years, the world will see a positive development in reducing poverty. About this Angus Deaton said by phone at the press conference after the ceremony, the announcement of the name of the Prize winner 2015 the State Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel.

“I predict a further reduction (of poverty). The last 20 years have seen amazing changes. However, as is the case with all forecasts, it is not easy. In addition to economic, there is need to consider a number of other issues, such as health. But I don’t want to seem like a blind optimist. However, I believe that (the situation) better. It must be remembered that “from the forest we hadn’t left”,” – said the scientist.

The new winner has admitted that a call to the Nobel Committee woke him up.

“But I’m just happy,” he said.

Award 2015 the State Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel was awarded to Angus Deaton “the analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare”.

“Revealing the relationship between the election of individual tigers and their results for society as a whole, his work helped to revise the approaches in the field of micro – and macroeconomic development”, – stated in the message of the Nobel Committee.

In the studies of Deaton addresses three Central questions: how does distribution of consumer spending on different goods, how much of the income of the society for consumption and the accumulation of how best to measure and analyze the degree of welfare and poverty.

Deaton examines the relationship between income of man, his health and attitude to life.

One of the main conclusions of the scientist is that money helps people to feel happy, but when funds are too many, they lose this property. Estimates for 2008-2009, the average American is necessary for happiness, it was about $75 thousand per year. Largest amount to increase the sense of success, but did not add to happiness.

69-year-old Angus Deaton, which has repeatedly called among probable applicants for the award, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has dual citizenship – UK and US. Since 1983 he works in Princeton University, USA.

The awards ceremony will take place on 10 December in Stockholm Philharmonic on the day of Alfred Nobel’s death.

The size of the monetary component of the Nobel prize in 2015, as in previous two years 8 million kronor. But due to the weakening of the Swedish Krona this amount for the first time since 2001 – is less than $1 million, namely $950 thousand

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