Private investors are invited to invest in the project SMBR 75% of the necessary funds

MOSCOW, October 12. The total investment in the project to develop transport hubs on the Moscow ring railway (MRR) will be about 55.5 billion rubles. The capital city’s authorities will invest in the infrastructure construction of the second interchange circuit of the metro only 15.5 billion rubles, said General Director of JSC “Moscow circular railway” Alexey Zotov.

He explained that the rest of the funds will be raised through private investment.

The capital budget for the convenience of passengers

The Moscow government has taken the issues related to comfort. passengers, to ensure maximum comfort on the way. Transport interchange nodes (TPU) in Moscow ring railway will allow passengers to quickly transfer to the subway, ground transportation and commuter trains and pedestrian links.

“In the project SMBR our main priority is the comfort of the passengers. So, most of the transit hub will be built on the principle of “dry feet”, and for transplantation, for example, with the subway on the SMBR will not need to go outside,” – said Zotov.

In addition, enter the smaller Moscow belt railway passengers will reach the centre to make a change – for the trip will spend significantly less time. Zotov stressed that CIT would become a “second interchange circuit of the metro” with a single ticket and navigation. Thanks to the input of the smaller Moscow belt railway will significantly unload other metro line – so, for example, the circle line will unload more than 15%.

It is expected that the passenger traffic on the smaller Moscow belt railway in the first year of commissioning will be about 80 million people a day with the possibility of increasing more than 3 times – up to 300 million passengers per day. Zotov stressed that this is the first passenger infrastructure in Moscow, which will be launched with three times the stock capacity.

Commercial investments

“Today the Moscow metro are almost 8 million people a day, it’s almost three quarters of the population of the city. It is planned that the Moscow ring railway will use no less popular than any subway line. That’s why hubs SMBR and the areas around them are expected to create commercial spaces that will be used for various purposes: shopping malls, offices and cafes. In this segment, raising private capital,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Commercial areas in developing industrial zones is an additional investment in the development of Moscow. It is planned to attract about 40 billion rubles for the construction of a public business areas: commercial and residential real estate, hotels, recreation areas, cafes. At each of 31 stations passengers can change trains for surface transport on 17 stations on the metro and at 10 in the radial direction of the railway, 13 stations will be organized Parking. Movement around the ring will be open in autumn 2016, will be used the newest rolling stock, the headways during rush hours will be 5-6 minutes. Passenger traffic on the smaller Moscow belt railway can reach 300 million people per year by 2025.