Rouble in the beginning of the day is stabilized near the previous close

MOSCOW, 12 Oct. Dmitry Mayorov. The share market of the Russian Federation and the ruble in the beginning of the day will stabilize near the previous closing levels amid moderately positive external signals, analysts say.

Oil at around 53 dollars per barrel of Brent will support the value of Russian assets, despite their strong growth last week.


The opening of the Russian market of shares is expected near the close of last week, said Oleg Steps from “solid”. “In the future, the MICEX index may try to consolidate above the mark of 1730,” he added.

“The obstacle to the growth of the MICEX index acts as a resistance zone 1740-1750 points above which in the last six months to reach him failed. After prolonged growth and in case of deterioration of the external background MICEX index may begin correction, as the level of psychological support for him as a mark of 1700 points” — said Steps.

In view of the favourable conjuncture in the currency market are likely to continue to strengthen the ruble, especially if it is supported by a rise in oil prices, says Vadzim Iasub from the company “Alpari”.

“A dollar a day will be traded in range to 61.2 — 62.4 per ruble, the Euro in the range of 69.5 compared to 71.0 ruble,” — he expects.

External factors

The US stock indexes gained 0.1-0.4% on the background of the publication of protocols fed meeting, investors ‘ disappointment with quarterly financial statements of Alcoa has hampered the growth of the market.

The members of the open market Committee of the fed believe that the decision on the first since 2006 the rate increase is necessary so that the level of inflation in the country was close to the target mark of 2%. Another reason for the failure to raise rates at the September meeting was the uncertainty about the state of the global economy.

Net profit of U.S. aluminum giant Alcoa for the third quarter decreased more than three times — up to 44 million dollars. Profit per share amounted to $ 0.02 vs. 0.12 per dollar in the third quarter of 2014, being below the analysts ‘ forecasts, who had expected the rate to $ 0.14 dollar.

Stock futures USA morning I declined 0.1%. Asian exchanges have grown on 0,8-3,3% for most indices, the Shanghai — 3.3%. The price of oil hovers around us $ 52.9 per barrel mark Brent. The Euro is 1,1368 1,1358 of the dollar against the dollar at the previous auction.

The results of the previous auctions on the Russian market

The Russian stock market rose on Friday on the major indexes on the background of the daily growth of oil prices that rose above $ 54 per barrel.

The MICEX index to closing has grown on 2,32% — to 1728,44 paragraph (updating the maximum of September 18), the RTS index — on 3,45% to 885,96 item.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” at the end of currency trading Friday rose by 0.51 ruble — to 61,88 of the ruble, the Euro by 1.08 ruble — to 70,30 ruble.