Sberbank offers to make a salary 15-20 minutes

Sberbank offers to make a salary 15-20 minutes

Is it possible to from the design of the salary before crediting it to the Bank card company’s employees took only 15-20 minutes? No mystery — it has become usual for companies that have implemented a salary project for Sberbank.

They say that the salary of the project is long and hard

Many stops a fear of change. It is easy to understand: to run the payroll project, you need to establish a new process the salary, to learn a new software, to be prepared for likely disruption and stress within a few months… anyway, a picture paints a accounting, on the shoulders which will bear the main burden. Isn’t it better to leave it as is?

Of course, a lot depends on what the Bank you trust the salaries of its employees.

How to choose a Bank under the payroll project?

As a rule, when choosing a Bank under the payroll project are important criteria such as:

— Reliability of the Bank

— Accessibility of branches and ATMs

— Speed and trouble-free running of the funds

— Quality remote services for both the management and the accountant and employees of the company

Salary project of Sberbank

The choice in favour of Sberbank often affects not only a wide network of branches and ATMs, but also attractive fees for money transfer and the availability of a personal Manager of payroll. Satisfaction of the salary project of Sberbank, according to a survey among its customers, today stands at 77%*.

It is important that the guaranteed time receive my salary in the savings Bank not more than 90 minutes, but, as a rule, the salary comes from the Bank card to the staff about 15-20 minutes after the accountant will download all the necessary documents to the online system “Sberbank Business Online”**. The main thing is to submit properly prepared documents.

As the payroll card program can increase employee loyalty?

A quality payroll service can be the key to loyalty. After all, fast and timely distribution of salary is perhaps one of the reasons why people do not rush to look for a new job.

These features of Bank cards of Sberbank is not limited. We also have available branches and ATMs, the ability to get pre-approved offer for a credit card, attractive interest rates on consumer loans and mortgages, a bonus program “Thank you from Sberbank”, convenient payments and transfers through remote services and a multitude of products and services.

Why work with Sberbank convenient?

Firstly, your accountant will not have to get employees to manually complete an application for the payroll card. In addition, from now on he will not have to spend time on the road in a Bank office and to Potter with registration of payment documents. Will be much less paperwork: don’t need to store the profiles of employees for registration cards and be responsible for their safekeeping.

The accountant will have the opportunity to follow all stages of processing of the register for transfer to “Sberbank Business Online”. Moreover, the same system he is now able to manage your funds at your Bank account 24/7, and if necessary to export the electronic register of various automated accounting systems.

The process of formation of wages will take a lot less time!

To get a detailed consultation about the salary project can fill in the form on the website of Sberbank.

* According to a study by the international research center MARC, “Study of satisfaction of corporate clients interaction with Sberbank”, June 2015.

** “Sberbank Business Online” is a system of remote banking service for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, allowing clients of Sberbank to obtain via the Internet a wide range of banking services.

Detailed information on salary project — the instrument of payment of salary to the Bank card account, the “Sberbank Business Online”, the conditions, cost and list of required documents for registration You can receive in offices of Bank servicing of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, or on the website of the Bank.

The organizer of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” and PJSC Sberbank. Detailed information about the rules of the program, about the Organizers and the rules of holding of shares, the amount of incentives, time, place and manner of their receipt, the terms and conditions of accrual and write-off Bonuses can be found on the website Program is 12.11.2011 and not in perpetuity.

Change of conditions is made by the Bank unilaterally. The information presented in this material is not a public offer.

PJSC Sberbank. General license of Bank of Russia №1481 from 11.08.2015.

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