The head of the Kremlin administration: Turkey, despite the controversy, remains partner of Russia

MOSCOW, October 12. The attacks in Ankara, which occurred on Saturday, talking about the need to unite the efforts of Russia and Turkey in the fight against terrorism. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. However, he stressed that, despite some differences, Turkey remains a close partner of Russia.

“I am confident that this act of terrorism again reminds us of the need to unite our efforts in the fight against terrorism,” he said in English during a visit to the Turkish Embassy in Moscow, where he arrived to Express condolences to the Turkish people in connection with a large number of victims of terrorist attacks. Ivanov wrote in the condolence book.

According to Ivanov, Turkey, despite the contradictions existing in the international arena, remains partner of Russia. “Turkey is our good neighbor and good partner, we have very close relations among peoples, leaders and authorities,” he said. “Sometimes we have some discrepancies in international relations, but we discuss openly and privately, taking into account the interest of both parties”, – said Ivanov.

According to the head of the presidential administration, the goal of a perfect Saturday of the attack is to destabilize the situation in Turkey. “I’m sure their goal was to destabilize the situation in Turkey, to sow fear and uncertainty that previously happened in Russia,” said Ivanov, noting that “unfortunately, in Russia not by hearsay know that such terrorism”. However, he is confident that the Turkish authorities will be able to cope with the terrorist threat. “I am also confident that the Turkish authorities, its leaders, the Turkish people will overcome and resist this threat,” he added.

On 10 October two explosions near the Central train station of Ankara, where hundreds of activists of trade unions and social organizations gathered for a rally in support of peace and to condemn terrorist activity in the country. Authorities believe that the attack involved suicide bombers and the explosives had been Packed with metal striking elements.

The attack was the bloodiest in the history of Turkey. According to the data coordinating center under the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic, killing 97 people. In the hospitals of Ankara on the treatment is about 160 people, including 60 in intensive care units.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the phone expressed his condolences to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Later, in an interview, he called the attacks in Turkey as a provocation. “It’s certainly a brazen terrorist attack, a crime with many victims, and, of course, is an attempt to destabilize the situation in the neighbouring country, a friendly country, the more this is done during the election campaign”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. “This is a clear provocation, of course,” he said.