Forecast: a budget surplus the U.S. in September amounted to $95 billion

Forecast: a budget surplus the U.S. in September amounted to $95 billion

Analysts polled by Reuters believe that in September the budget surplus of $ 95 billion. The corresponding statistics for the U.S. Treasury Department will announce on Tuesday evening.

MOSCOW, 12 Oct. The budget surplus of the United States in September 2014-2015 fiscal year was 95 billion dollars after the August deficit in 64,421 billion, analysts polled by Reuters.

The U.S. Treasury Department publishes monthly statistics on the country’s budget at 21.00 GMT Tuesday, October 13.

Consumer prices in Germany in September in annual terms, the final assessment of the Federal statistical office (Destatis), has not changed, experts say. In August, prices rose 0.2%. In monthly terms, consumer prices in the largest European economy in September fell by 0.2%.

At 11: 30 am GMT Office for national statistics (Office for National Statistics, ONS) the UK will announce data on inflation in the country in September. Experts believe that inflation in the UK in the reporting month, in annual and monthly terms were zero.

At 12.00 Moscow time the experts will have to wait for the publication of the report of the Centre for research in the Economics of Europe (Zentrum fuer Europaische Wirtschaftsforschung, ZEW). The index of investor confidence in the German economy in October, according to them, has dropped to 6 points from 12.1 points in September.