Lavrov: history proves that Russia and the US can unite against a common enemy

MOSCOW, October 13. Russia and the U.S. could unite efforts for combating terrorism, has managed to make it to fight fascism, despite the existing ideological differences. About it in interview to NTV television said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

“The Russian President said, speaking at the UN General Assembly, the Minister said. – In fact, it is this parallel conducted, with creation of the anti-Hitler coalition, the Soviet Union was evil from the point of view of the West. But when there was fascism when Hitler appeared with his new order, there was no longer ideological differences between communism and capitalism, between the socialist economy and a market economy.”

The Minister pointed out that today, unlike during the Second world war, ideological differences between different systems no. “And if then the two opposing systems realized in mortal danger, and unite against a common, very cruel enemy, now on the basis of the experience of our cooperation on many issues, based on the experience of the “cold war”, one would probably draw the right conclusions and to create such a coalition, despite differences on certain issues – they are secondary,” he said.

Lavrov denied reports that Riyadh had invited Russia to join the coalition the US

Meanwhile, the Russian Minister noted that Riyadh has strengthened significantly the understanding of Russia’s position on Syria.

Answering the question of whether the fact appeared in the Western media reported that representatives of Saudi Arabia during his visit to Russia was offered to join the US-led coalition, the Minister stressed: “It is not true. I heard more about some of the statements of some sources that warned us that there will be disastrous consequences. Absolutely not.” “The conversation was about the need to coordinate the efforts, – said Lavrov. It was clearly confirmed that we are fighting the terrorism that we are fighting with the Patriotic Syrian opposition.”

“On the contrary, we want to this the Patriotic Syrian opposition to coordinate and help her to win back the terrorists territory as we help the Syrian army recapturing towns after we inflict strikes on the positions of the ISIS /former name of the terrorist group “Islamic state” – approx.TASS/, “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” and other terrorist groupings, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. – We are ready to help Patriotic opposition, which we must submit, with which we have to meet. We are absolutely ready for this”.

Lavrov stressed that the successor of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman, who recently visited Sochi, “was an honest and Frank conversation” during which allayed the concerns of Riyadh concerning Russia’s objectives in the SAR. “Existing concerns by the Saudi colleagues that we have other goals in Syria and that, helping the Syrian army, we are fighting terrorism, and saving the regime, all those concerns were dispelled, – the Minister said. We explained our true purpose, we do not conceal them. I think the understanding of our position has strengthened significantly”.