Media: “CTC Media” will start in place of the “Pepper” a new TV channel

MOSCOW, October 13. Media holding “STS Media” is going to close the channel “Pepper” and run in its place a new channel “Che”, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

“CTC Media” wants to avoid “Intrusive and aggressive” brand “Pepper”, by making a more serious project, promoted as “the channel for good and strong men”, “family”, writes “Kommersant”.

In turn, representatives of “Pepper” and “CTC Media” refused to comment on the matter.

From old “Pepper” will remain classics of the Soviet and the show “+100500”. Also on the “Che” is scheduled to launch about 15 new projects , the main topics which will be “male occupations and Hobbies, the history of the country.”

According to the newspaper, the new channel will begin broadcasting on November 12.