Media: the number of goods in Russia will be marked with electronic chips to combat counterfeiting

MOSCOW, October 13. A number of goods in Russia and other countries of the Eurasian economic Union will begin to mark special electronic tags (chips) to be exposed to the market contrafactos products. About this “Russian newspaper” said the Minister for trade of the Eurasian economic Commission Andrei Slepnev.

“In the list (goods that will be marked) can get some kinds of clothing, footwear and possibly certain types of household appliances. In these segments so far, we see serious problems with payments to the budget, and counterfeiting, and with a great deal of counterfeit products,” – said Slepnev.

The Minister referred to the experience of Belarus, where a few years ago was introduced labeling of individual consumer goods, and the share of the authorized trade quickly grew.

The Minister believes that it is necessary to bring sanctions for smuggling in accordance with the seriousness of the offences. “Should not be such that for violations that cost the budget 500 million rubles, it was possible to escape with a fine of 500 rubles”, – said Slepnev.

“To combat grey imports, it would be proper to extend the system of electronic informing of the movement of goods across internal borders of the EEU in all the countries belonging to the European Union”, – said Slepnev. The introduction of such a system may be phased”.

These proposals are expected to be considered on 14 October by the EEC Council, which includes Vice premiers, and on Friday, the presidents at the Supreme Eurasian economic Council. Then will be known the timing of introduction of system of electronic informing on transported goods across the internal borders of the EEC.