New dynamics of the situation in Syria, Lavrov will discuss with the UN envoy de Mistura

MOSCOW, October 13. The situation around the Syrian settlement will discuss in Moscow the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura.

In recent weeks the situation in that Arab Republic is mostly considered in light of the fight against “Islamic state” (is prohibited in the Russian Federation – ed.) and other terrorist groups. The scale of international crime has forced Russia to intervene – from 30 September the Russian space forces deal surgical strikes on militant positions.

Moscow, in fact, fighting terrorism, and is working on another major goal – start a political process maintains an active contact with all structures of the Syrian opposition.

New dynamics

Staffan de Mistura before his visit to Moscow said that the Russian operation in Syria “has created new dynamics”. “We are closely monitoring the situation. It is clear that Russian military intervention has introduced a new dynamic in the situation. And this means that it is difficult to make any forecasts at this moment,” he said. The UN envoy also mentioned that anti-terrorist actions should be conducted in parallel with political efforts. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry says regularly: “the Fight against terrorism must be a priority. At the same time not after but at the same time – a lot can be done to find a political settlement”.

The special envoy reported that after Moscow will go to Washington to urgently find a way to mutual understanding between the U.S. and Russia to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Who prevents de Mistura?

As you know, a photo allegedly injured civilians due to operations of Russia in Syria were published on the web a couple of days before it started. Of course, there was also concerned to assert themselves and re-assert themselves, and the reason appeared.

So, the national coalition opposition and revolutionary forces (NKORS) has hastened to declare that will not participate in the working groups for settlement of de Mistura, as Moscow does not stop airstrikes against ISIS. “We will resume the negotiation process only after the cessation of Russian operations in Syria,” the document emphasizes the national coalition. Traditionally, the NATIONAL coalition has demanded to remove Bashar Assad from participating in the formation of a transitional authority.

Regarding the political future of Syria, Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly advised everyone to read fully the Geneva communiqué, “there is the phrase “on the basis of mutual consent”.

According to the initiative of the UN envoy, working groups of experts were supposed to start contacts for preparing the peace conference “Geneva-3” in the last month. They were invited to participate besides the government delegation of three opposition groups, including the NATIONAL coalition. The group had to work in four areas: security and the fight against terrorism, political and constitutional reforms, the humanitarian situation and the process of economic reconstruction.

According to pan-Arab newspaper “al-Hayat”, an important element of the de Mistura plan is the creation of the international contact group on Syria, which, according to his plan, will include the five permanent members of the UN security Council and influential regional players /Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey/

That’s up to the Syrians, and that the world

Not a day goes by that the leaders of Western and some regional countries not publicly talked about the role of Assad in the political process and the fight against terrorism. Policy, carefully saying that the Syrian leader could play in resolving the role as if immediately frightened, did not say anything extra. And again unequivocally assert that Assad must go, he is to blame for the rampage of the “Islamic state”.

“In the past, some of our partners have been tempted to condone the extremists in order to achieve certain geopolitical objectives – first, to change unsuitable regimes in one country or another in the hope that “now at this stage we support the extremists, give them a little bit of work on our goals, and then when these goals of regime change will be achieved, we can handle that” – drew the attention of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. – It doesn’t work. Didn’t work in Iraq, Libya, everything happened exactly the opposite.”

No alone terrorism can not cope, because Moscow calls for coordinated action and not blur the overall counter-terrorism tasks.

Russia is open to dialogue with all stakeholders, the ball is on the side of the partners.