Of the Russian Federation to the UN called on the USA to abandon the “megaphone diplomacy” in disarmament

The UN, on October 13. /Corr. Oleg Zelenin/. Russia on Monday urged the United States to refrain from “megaphone diplomacy” and resolve all the problems in the implementation of the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) through meaningful dialogue in the framework of existing mechanisms. With the corresponding statement was made by the representative of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control of the MFA of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov at the meeting of the 1st Committee of the UN General Assembly, specializing in disarmament issues.

“If we want business to settle all available in this paper the problems between the United States and the Russian Federation, let’s talk about this subject using the available mechanisms for that, and we will not engage in populism and megaphone diplomacy”, the diplomat stressed.

He rejected renewed on the American side approval in violation of the Russian Federation of the provisions of the INF Treaty and the Washington filed counter-allegations. “Once again the United States put the issue on its head. We expressed serious concerns regarding the impact of unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles, targets and launchers MK-41, which because of their characteristics are subject of the contract”, – said Andrey Belousov.

According to him, of Moscow’s concerns on this matter, “still unanswered”. “Rather, the answer is given in the form of completely unfounded insinuations. This, from our point of view, can never be justified”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

Of alleged violations by Russia of the INF Treaty signed by the two countries in 1987, it was said in the recent annual U.S. state Department report. In the document, in particular, argued that Moscow is developing a new cruise missile of land basing, which is prohibited under bilateral agreements. Moscow rejects these accusations and argues that the United States cannot lead in support of his allegations, no concrete facts, and only refer to some “reliable sealed sources”.

The US refused to give legal guarantees on missile defence

Andrey Belousov noted that “the United States took the first step to undermining strategic stability in the world”, coming out from the ABM Treaty in 2002 and has begun to establish a global missile defence system. According to him, Washington for several years claims that the intention behind the system is not aimed against Russia. “A fair request of the Russian Federation to provide legal guarantees not directed like this the United States refused”, – said the diplomat.
He drew attention that the Russian Federation, in spite of this, went “unprecedented steps in the field of further reductions in its nuclear Arsenal”, including signing in 2010 of a new Treaty on strategic offensive arms. Such a step, he said, was taken “in conditions, when in addition to global missile defense system, there are other factors that negatively affect strategic stability”.

Among them he called the implementation of the USA the concept of instant global strike, involving the use of conventional high-precision weapons of longer range to strategic objectives. “This is an unprecedented buildup of conventional weapons from the United States and its allies,” – said the diplomat.

Disarmament negotiations without “double standards”

Foreign Ministry spokesman also rejected claims of the American side about the alleged refusal of Moscow to continue talks on further reductions in nuclear arsenals. He recalled that President Vladimir Putin on 24 October 2014 “has clearly indicated that Russia insists on continuing talks to reduce nuclear arsenals under one condition: these negotiations should not be based on double standards”.

“Did you mean that the result of such negotiations should be to strengthen the security of all their members, and not to gain military advantages some States over others. While with the United States proposals for negotiations on this are essential for us the basis we have not received,” – said the diplomat, adding that Moscow does not take into account the “propaganda and populist statements” from the United States.