On the territory of the Russian Embassy in Syria, fell two mines

MOSCOW, October 13. On the territory of the Russian Embassy in Syria on Tuesday morning fell down two mines, there were no injuries. About this korr.TASS said on the phone, first Secretary of the Embassy Eldar Kurbanov.

“Yes, to the Embassy in the morning dropped 2 mines, victims aren’t present”, – the diplomat said.

He also confirmed that on Tuesday near the Embassy held a meeting. Data about the shelling of its members at the Embassy there, said Kurbanov.

Other incidents at the Russian Embassy

The Russian Embassy has repeatedly shelled. Last month, the Russian Embassy in Damascus fired mortar shells. On the morning of 20 September, a mortar shell fell on the territory of the diplomatic mission and not be harmed.

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The Russian foreign Ministry then said that the attack was “from the district of Jobar, where entrenched anti-government militants.”

In may, one shell exploded 15 meters from the main gate of the diplomatic mission, another, piercing the outer wall, fell into the study service of the Embassy building.

By a lucky chance done without victims and victims. The Russian foreign Ministry then described the incident as a terrorist attack directed against diplomatic missions. A similar point of view and the UN Security Council.

Before this a similar incident occurred on 5 February this year. During a mortar hit the building of the consular Department of the Embassy, victims among Russians was not.

Russia’s actions in Syria

Russian aerospace forces 30 September, began to inflict pinpoint strikes on targets of terrorists in Syria, acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In addition to aviation, Russia used cruise missiles long range “Caliber”, launched from four ships of the Caspian flotilla of the Russian Navy. To participate in a ground operation in Syria Russia has no plans.

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