Putin found it annoying khoroshavina to comment on the matter until the investigation is completed

MOSCOW, October 13. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers it inappropriate to comment on the criminal case of the former Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin, in order not to damage the course of the investigation.

“To give any comments until you have finished the preliminary investigation and before the court ruled, correctly, and in my opinion, is counterproductive, can be detrimental to the progress of the investigation and the objective findings of the relevant judicial authorities,” he said at the investment forum VTB Capital “Russia calling!”.

The head of state recalled the wording of the presumption of innocence, according to which no one can be considered a criminal until his guilt is established by a legally effective court decision.

Meanwhile, Putin stressed that the fight against corruption remains one of the most important tasks of the Russian state. He recalled a number of measures limiting the administrative burden at all levels. The President assured that the Bank will continue improvement of law enforcement and the judicial system.

Putin noted that in November in St. Petersburg will be devoted to this problem in the forum under the auspices of the UN, and Russia will take an active part in it.

Speech by Vladimir Putin at the investment forum “Russia calling!”. Online broadcast

Case of the ex-Governor of Sakhalin

Alexander Horoshavin was detained on 3 March. Against him opened a criminal case on the fact of receiving a bribe of more than $5.6 million He was brought for investigation to Moscow, then arrested. 25 March, President Vladimir Putin fired khoroshavina from the post of Governor in connection with loss of trust. April 27, against the ex-Governor filed a second criminal case about a bribe in the amount exceeding 15 million rubles.