Putin: Russia aims to work on a settlement in Syria, the leaders don’t have

MOSCOW, October 13. Work on the settlement in Syria should be translated into a more substantive level with an eye on the political process. Russia is ready for such work, but partners in the U.S. do not yet meet. This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the forum VTB “Russia calling!”

Moscow raises the level of dialogue

Putin, in particular, said that earlier he had informed the USA about readiness to work together on this issue. “I said that he would be willing to send a large delegation to Washington to discuss, primarily, issues of the Syrian settlement, said Putin. – Thought it could be a serious representative delegation from Russia headed by Chairman of RF government Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.”

The Russian President suggested that the delegation could enter the military at the level of Deputy chief of the General staff, representatives of special services. “We need to transfer this work to a serious level, on subject, if we are to work effectively”, – he stressed.

Putin also noted that it is equally important to work with countries in the region, such as Turkey, Jordan, UAE, Iraq. “Yes, there’s a lot of mutual suspicion and mutual claims, but if not work if not look for solutions, they will never be found, – concluded Putin. We hope very much that we will be able to move exactly along the path of resolving political issues.

From contacts military – to the political process

However, according to Putin, while the contacts with the USA are only on a military level. “It seems to me that this (the settlement of the Syrian crisis) we should all be concerned, – said Putin. – Unfortunately, – or maybe it’s a start – as of today the work is only at the level of the military departments and in the military matters of a technical nature, up to the mapping systems “friend or foe” on our aircraft, which in itself is a sign of mutual trust and respect. But I think this is not enough”.

“If we want to be effective, do not just want to shoot and rocket attacks to inflict, and to achieve a political settlement, we should encourage those forces within the country (and the conflict complex, multidisciplinary) to work together between different forces inside Syria,” said the Russian leader.

Putin recalled his meeting of 28 September in new York with U.S. President Barack Obama. According to him, the conversation was very Frank. “We see the commitment of our partners to work together”, – noted the President of the Russian Federation. However, much remains to be done, particularly in terms of working with those forces in Syria that have the effect of, “to bring them to the negotiating table and finally start the process of political settlement”. “We couldn’t get in our joint work neither with the US nor with Europeans, but primarily with the US,” he complained, saying that Russia proposes to hold in Moscow a meeting of high military-political level. “No response yet”, – he concluded.

Russia is fighting against terrorists, not the leadership in Syria

The President of the Russian Federation disagreed with the assumption that Moscow is allegedly in Syria pursues its own political goals. “I don’t want anyone to discuss, but I want to note, we are not seeking some kind of leadership in Syria, in Syria there can be only one leader of the Syrian people,” he said. “We strive to contribute to the fight against terrorism, which is dangerous for the United States of America, for Russia, for Europe and for the whole world,” Putin said.

The Russian leader reminded that the military under the leadership of the USA in Syria, which has already lasted for years, with no results.

“We asked: give us the goals that you believe one hundred percent terrorist, no, we were not ready – was the answer. We thought and asked another question: then, what we need to beat? Also no reply. This is not a joke, I don’t think they are,” said Putin. “We recently invited the Americans: give us objects that don’t need to beat – also no response. It seems to me that some of our partners just a mess,” said Putin.

Moreover, as Putin said that Western partners have no understanding of what is really happening in Syria and what goals they want to achieve in this country.