Putin: the IMF could add $3 billion to Ukraine to repay debt to the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, October 13. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has instructed the Finance Ministry to continue the dialogue with Ukraine and the International monetary Fund on the issue of debt repayment of Kiev before Moscow and suggest that the IMF has granted Ukraine an additional credit of $3 billion for debt repayment.

“We have already received the right to demand payment of this debt before December, keeping in mind that it is the conditions in accordance with our contract providing essentially this loan, but we didn’t do it precisely in order not to put our Ukrainian partners in a difficult situation and not to aggravate the already difficult situation in the economy”, – said the head of the Russian state at a meeting with members of the government.

“And why the IMF did not want to add Ukraine $3 billion so it could pay than to change the rules for a specific country, destroying, in fact, the very system of functioning of the IMF,” Putin said.

He has instructed the Finance Ministry to continue contacts with the IMF and the government of Ukraine on this issue.

“You would have talked with colleagues; I think it’s easier to follow this path: add Ukraine $3 billion so it could pay, and everyone would be happy, and would work without this voltage, – said the President of the Russian Federation. – Because for a change these rules in favor of one country can be followed by demands to change these rules and to other States. So where will this lead?”

“We must calmly, in working these issues again to discuss and look for solutions that don’t outweigh us all problems”, – concluded Putin.