Putin: the peak of the crisis reached

MOSCOW, October 13. Reach the peak of the crisis, the Russian economy has adapted to the new conditions, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The government and the Central Bank has demonstrated consistency and the ability to achieve results in the crisis, said the Russian leader.

In the coming years the Russian economy will overcome the recession, will begin a positive trend, said Putin.

According to him, the outflow of capital from Russia has stopped the flow of capital in the third quarter of 2015 suggests that the market reacts to what is happening in the economy.

Putin said that he supports the business community at the forum VTB and promises to do all that responsive to what is happening in the global economy.

“You already told who was speaking here and now on stage is very representative composition is, the best economists, the best financiers, the best bankers in the world. The whole point of my presence is to say: I support them and we will pursue our policy, they were talking about”, assured Putin.