Putin: the performance of “Minsk-2” depends on the USA, EU and Kiev

MOSCOW, October 13. Russian President Vladimir Putin called absurd and frivolous constant demands to Moscow to perform Minsky agreement. According to him, it depends on the US, Europe and Kyiv.

Alternatives to the “Minsk-2” no, but it should perform not Russia

“There is no alternative to the Minsk agreements. But to say that Russia has to implement them, it becomes absurd, – said the head of state, speaking at the forum VTB “Russia calling!” – This already becomes not serious, not funny, just ridiculous.” Putin added that the most important thing that should be the basis of settlement of the situation in southeastern Ukraine, “it is a political process.”

He noted that the basis of political stabilization process in Ukraine are three to five components, including the amendments to the Constitution of the country “on a permanent basis in coordination with Donetsk and Lugansk”. However, changes don’t have, and everything that is at a preliminary stage, are not consistent with Lugansk and Donetsk, said the Russian leader.

He said that despite political constraints, it is necessary to fulfill the Minsk commitments. “It’s not up to us, and from US, Europe and Kyiv”, – stressed Putin.

In addition, the head of state reminded that Ukraine needs to adopt law on Amnesty. “But we in Moscow are not able to adopt the Ukrainian law on Amnesty”, – he said.

“Why do we say we should fulfill the Minsk agreement? Why replace these concepts and these problems and to pass on to us the necessity to solve them? What use is that?” – asks Putin.

The West obviously, the solution to all problems of Donbass is not in the competence of the Russian Federation

“There’s a lot of problems, but the vast majority of them does not lie within our competence. Our colleagues in Europe and the US see it or not see? I think I see, ‘ he said the Russian head of state. – I have reason to believe that precisely you can see, but they are uncomfortable to say that the current government in Kiev is not able to solve this problem”.

“It is much easier to pass on to us and say, “Look, you’re there to strengthen, triple and chesterite” – described the situation Putin”. “But it is necessary that our partners have met their obligations”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. “We believe that, working together, we will achieve a positive decision”, – he concluded.

Kiev in response for searching for a compromise on the elections in Donbass

“It will be a difficult process to find a compromise, but the only way. And there is no problem from our side. In spite of all political restrictions, it should do our colleagues in Kiev”, – said Putin.

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