The Deputy asked Kolokoltsev not to cut the group of detention of private security

MOSCOW, October 13. The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on security Alexander Khinshtein sent a letter to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, asking not to cut the group of detention of private security, because this can lead to mass termination of contracts of protection, the increase in the number of thefts and overall deterioration of a criminogenic situation.

“In terms of sustainable growth, crime reduction groups of detention will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the criminogenic situation, the increase in the number of burglaries, thefts and other criminal attacks against property and the property of citizens”, – stated the Deputy’s request, a copy of which is available. Khinshtein requests “to inform it of the ways and means to solve the problem, and to consider the possibility of avoiding the reduction of groups of detention of private security”.

Now in the framework of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation in the Ministry of internal Affairs are conducted of staff reduction of staff at the rate of 10%, the politician reminded. However, the main reductions are made by divisions of private security.

Khinshtein argues that contrary to the assurances Kolokoltseva that layoffs do not affect employees outside the units and services involved in the protection of public order, the deputies “received information that such reductions are carried out…”. “So, notification of early termination of the contract was received more than 5 thousand employees of private security, not involved in stationary positions and were part of groups of detention. As a result, eliminated approximately 700 groups of detention, which will adversely affect the overall operational and crime situation,” – emphasizes the MP.

Of particular concern to him is the fact that “in more than 300 municipalities of the group of detention of private security be reduced fully, resulting in the police cannot be safety taken under the protection of the property and effectively prevented criminal assault”. In this regard, according to preliminary calculations assume termination of contracts to protect about 27 thousand objects, most of which /20 thousand/ are the apartments of the citizens, Khinshtein.

Moreover, the Chairman of state Duma Committee is concerned that the reduction of the groups of detention of private security will not end. He had previously addressed to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs on the elimination of hospital security MIA Russia on vital and specially protected objects, such as bancofrances the Central Bank of Russia, the waterworks reservoirs, museums of Federal value, objects of a separate administration of the President, RTR and others. “According to the information received, the number of such facilities is expected to maintain a stationary police protection, which would require 4 thousand units of personnel,” he says. In his opinion, these employees can be focused on protection of such objects “exclusively at the expense of other divisions of private security in the first place the groups of detention, since all employees employed on fixed posts, to date, has received notification of early termination of the contract /except for the regions of the Crimean and North Caucasian Federal districts/”.