The head of ASI Andrei Nikitin was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uniastrum Bank

MOSCOW, October 13. The Director General of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Andrei Nikitin was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uniastrum Bank. This follows from the message on the official website of the credit institution.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Nikitin was appointed on 25 September 2015. Now Nikitin is Director General of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Agency for strategic initiatives”.

Director of communications ASI Igor Karasin explained that the strategic initiatives Agency has not had any special relationship with Uniastrum Bank, for that matter, and with other credit institutions. “But, of course, we will involve representatives of the Bank to work related to the development of mechanisms to support non-commodity business with great export potential,” says Karchin.

In addition, the Bank’s website says that the post of President of the Bank, member of the Board of Directors on September 25, 2015 was appointed Artem Avetisyan. While concurrently Avetisyan is the Director of a direction “New business” in ASI. Also on the website of the Bank reported the completion of the transaction, which resulted in Avetisyan acquired a 100% interest in Uniastrum Bank. Previously 80% of shares belonged to Bank of Cyprus, 10% George Piskovo and 10% Gagik Zakaryan.

“For Bank of Cyprus the decision to sell business in Russia is part of the Group’s strategy, which is focused on the development of priority businesses and markets, and the withdrawal from non-core operations,” according to a press release from the Bank.

“Andrei Nikitin is included in the composition of governing boards of many organizations, including Fund development of single-industry towns, the industrial development Foundation. The Board of Directors of JSC “Rocket and space Corporation “Energia” he heads the audit Committee. Andrey Nikitin more than ten years working in the business, was head of a large industrial enterprise. It is not surprising that his knowledge and experience in demand,” said Karasin.

With the arrival of new owner Uniastrum Bank will strengthen its focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses and will gain momentum in order to meet business needs in an efficient and modern banking services. The Bank will continue to develop a profitable retail segments in which it is present, according to the website of the Bank. The main activity of the Bank is to work with enterprises of small and average business. Currently the Bank serves more than 18 thousand SMEs in more than 40 regions of Russia.