The Ministry of transport: already transported 1.7 million passengers “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 13. Already transported 1.7 million passengers “Transaero”, until December 15, was left to carry 240 thousand passengers, said transport Minister Maxim Sokolov at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with government members.

“The overwhelming majority of passengers have already moved. Transported more than 1.7 million people, up to December 15, is yet to be translated about 240 thousand passengers, including those tourists who bought tickets in the General rounds”, – informed the head of Ministry of transport.

Travel companies, agents and tourists are risks in connection with the purchase of tickets for flights of “Transaero” with the exception of three interactive routes, he said.

“Three tourist destinations – Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and the Dominican Republic – agreed travel company “Biblio Globus” with the company “Aeroflot” that will be given to special boards, a Boeing 777 with a capacity of 360 people, – said the head of Ministry of transport. – Along these lines is the travel Agency will be able to transfer their passengers and others, as the sale of tickets was stopped October 1, due to unsatisfactory financial position “Transaero”, if someone buys the tickets and accept the risks of travel agents, travel companies and the people who can buy these tickets”.

On air of TV channel “Russia-24” Sokolov noted that “Aeroflot” does not in all directions from those that flew the airline “Transaero”.
“With regard to international lines – there really is (airline – approx. ed.) is limited to international air service agreements, and here the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency will act as regulator, but today Aeroflot claims not all the frequencies and directions, which had a “Transaero”, – said the Minister.