The state Duma did not approve the deprivation of the mandate of the long overseas deputies

The state Duma did not approve the deprivation of the mandate of the long overseas deputies

The bill proposed to deprive of Deputy or Senator mandate early if you finding for no good reason at a foreign country for a period exceeding one month.

MOSCOW, 13 Oct. The state Duma rejected on Tuesday the draft law on deprivation of powers of the deputies who are more than a month abroad without a good reason.

Amendments were introduced in the state Duma Deputy from the Communist party Ivan Nikitchuk. According to the law, to resign the Deputy may, on the basis of a written application, in case of transfer to the municipal or civil service, change of nationality, the entry into force of a conviction, incapacitation and death, and if it is proved his involvement in the management of a commercial organization, entering them in the management bodies of foreign NGOs, storage of money and valuables located outside the Russian Federation of foreign banks.

The bill proposed to introduce the norm according to which the powers of a Deputy or Senator early termination in the event “finding no good reason a member of the Federation Council, Deputy of the State Duma on the territory of a foreign state for a period exceeding one month”.

The author of the bill explains that proposed amendments to the legislation related to the activities of two deputies of the state Duma, which for a long time are abroad — Alexei Mitrofanov and Ilya Ponomarev, who were deprived of parliamentary immunity in the investigation of cases of head. In the explanatory note to the bill States that negative statements in the address of the official policy of the Russian Federation, concerning, including, the constitutional order, undermining the high status of the Russian Parliament.

The constitutional Committee of the state Duma had previously suggested the lower house of Parliament to reject the bill, arguing that existing legislation adequately covers the restrictions and prohibitions related to the activities of the members of the Federation Council and the state Duma.