The state Duma early termination of powers of Yelena Mizulina

MOSCOW, October 13. The state Duma on Tuesday early termination of powers of Yelena Mizulina, Nicholas bulayeva, Franz Klintsevich, Sergei Kalashnikov and Sergey Levchenko.

According to the results of the single voting day on September 13, senators were nominated by the Deputy “Fair Russia” and the head of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Mizulina (from the Governor of the Omsk region), Deputy of the liberal democratic party and Chairman of the Committee on health Sergei Kalashnikov (the head of the Bryansk region), as well as two first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Franz Klintsevich (from the Governor of the Smolensk region) and Nikolay Bulaev (from legislative Assembly of the Ryazan region). The solution is formal, because parliamentarians are already involved in the work of the Federation Council.

Also the lower house of Parliament prematurely withdrew Deputy powers from the Chairman of the Committee for energy Sergei Levchenko (Communist party), which elected the Governor of the Irkutsk region.

Factions will now have to submit nominations for the vacancy. While it is known that is Elena Mizulina, “Fair Russia” puts forward Olga Epifanova the head of the Committee on family, women and children, and the Klintsevich bulayeva and will replace the posts on the first zamrukovoditelja the Duma United Russia party members Sergey Popov and Yury Lipatov. LDPR faction, according to the Deputy Yaroslav Nilova, not yet identified, “who will replace Sergei Kalashnikov” in the Committee on health.