Zyuganov: Russia-Belarus relations will not change after the lifting of the EU sanctions against Lukashenko

MOSCOW, October 13. The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov is convinced that Belarus will not change its approach to cooperation with Russia after the abolition of EU sanctions against President Alexander Lukashenko.

“Excluded”, – said Zyuganov, answering the question of journalists, will not affect Belarusian-Russian relations, the lifting of sanctions against Lukashenko.

The EU Council yesterday adopted a decision to suspend for 4 months the sanctions against Belarus. This was announced here today the Secretary of state for European Affairs at MFA of France Arles the D├ęsire.

“There is a decision to suspend restrictive measures for the next 4 months,” he said. According to available information, the suspension of the restrictive measures apply only to black list of legal and natural persons, while the arms embargo will remain in force.

EU sanctions against Belarus includes the black list of around 150 of the defendants, including President Alexander Lukashenko, barred entry to the territory of the community and the financial assets in European banks are subject to freezing. The sanctions also include an arms embargo and a ban on deliveries to Belarus of police equipment and dual-purpose techniques that can be used for “internal repression”.

The first package of EU sanctions against Belarus were imposed in 1997 in connection with the “human rights violations and electoral fraud”. Subsequently, various sanctions were imposed and abolished, until in 2004 was not approved by the full black list of Belarusian officials who are banned entry to the EU.