Andrei Razin challenged the revocation of licenses of the national Bank of the United

Statement by the former soloist of group “Tender may” Andrey Razin has arrived in the Moscow Arbitration court on 7 October, a preliminary hearing thereon is scheduled for November 17.

MOSCOW, 14 Oct. The Moscow arbitration court has registered the statement of the former soloist of group “Tender may” and one of the co-owners of the Nizhniy Novgorod United national Bank Andrei Razin with the requirement to cancel the order of the Bank of Russia on revocation of the credit organization license, said Wednesday in court.

Share Razin in the Bank is 9,16%.

Statement Razin came to the Tribunal on 7 October, a preliminary hearing thereon is scheduled for November 17. Earlier about the intention of the founders to challenge in court the revocation of the license said the Chairman of the Board Alexander Zaporozhets.

The Bank of Russia on 6 October withdrew from the United national Bank’s license on the grounds that the credit institution “was involved in conducting questionable transactions of cash withdrawal abroad, as well as transit doubtful operations in large volumes”.

Associated with the Bank payment system F5, as reported by Zaporozhets, most likely, will cease to exist. According to him, the future of the F5 has a negative impact, including the creation in Russia National payment card system (nvqs).

United national Bank, according to the Central Bank, was held on 1 September 2015 622-e a place in Russia’s banking system by assets. The Bank is a participant of the Deposit insurance system. F5 payment system focuses mainly on money transfers between Russia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In June the CBR F5 recognized as a nationally important payment system.