Deputy Minister: almost all companies insuring the PO left the market

Deputy Minister: almost all companies insuring the PO left the market

The Deputy head of the Ministry of construction of Russia Natalia Antipina said that the number of companies declined after tightening of the requirements of the Central Bank to the insurance contracts of participatory construction.

MOSCOW, 14 Oct. Almost all of the insuring agreements of a joint construction (DDU), left the market, said Wednesday at a meeting of the public Council under the Ministry of construction of the Russian Federation Deputy Minister Natalia Antipina.

“Insurance was not the protection of investors”, — she said, explaining that big companies with significant funds to the market did not come, and after the tightening of the CBR requirements for insurance, the PO, there are only two or three such companies, although previously there were 16 of them.

The Society of mutual insurance of civil liability of developers do not have sufficient reserves, she said.

“On September 1 in 28 subjects of the Russian Federation we have no problem features. In 57 regions of the objects 508 and 386 41 thousand injured,” — said Antipina.

The losses of Russian citizens from unscrupulous developers, the authorities are discussing changing the system of shared construction of housing. Offered and refusal of the scheme. However, as reported in July in the Secretariat Shuvalov, at this stage it is envisaged to reform the system: developers, attracting funds of citizens in the early stages of construction, will be required to obtain a Bank guarantee and the Bank will become a third party in the contract between the citizen and the developer.