Investment plan of Volkswagen in Italy will remain unchanged

Investment plan of Volkswagen in Italy will remain unchanged

Carmaker Volkswagen has previously announced reductions in private investment in the amount of 1 billion euros annually, but this will not affect the investment plan. The head of Volkswagen Italia Massimo Nordio brought customers an apology for “diesel scandal”.

ROME, 14 Oct. Natalia Shmakov. Investment plan of Volkswagen in Italy would remain unchanged, although the German automaker announced the reduction of private investment in the amount of 1 billion euros annually due to the “diesel scandal”.

As stated on Wednesday in the Senate of the Italian Parliament, the head of Volkswagen Italia Massimo Nordio, “the investment plan envisaged in Italy will not change.” About it, according to him, the letter says head of Audi AG (part of Volkswagen) Rupert Stadler (Rupert Stadler), which he wrote to the Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi and the Minister of economy and Finance pier Carlo Padoan and the Minister of economic development of Italy Federica Guidi.

“I would like to apologize to our customers. We are very disappointed, all this does not meet our standards,” said Nordio, adding that in those machines, which are now sold in Italy, not problem installed the software (ON).

German carmaker Volkswagen AG on Tuesday said it will cut because of the “diesel scandal” private investments worth 1 billion euros annually, and plans to introduce new standards in the production of diesel and electric vehicles.

These austerity measures are imposed in connection with large fines and filing of payments that threaten Volkswagen as a result of the scandal. Volkswagen was accused by the U.S. Agency for environmental protection (EPA) and California air resources Board (CARB) in their diesel equipment hire software, lowered the real value of emissions of harmful substances.

The U.S. government ordered the group to withdraw 482 thousand cars of brands Volkswagen and Audi sold in the country in 2009-2015. The company may also face a fine of up to $ 18,075 billion.

The official representative of Volkswagen reported that the bulk of vehicles with violations in is not in the U.S. and in Europe. Thus, in the EU we are talking about 8 million cars, from them in Germany — 2.8 million. There are about 11 million cars with such defects.