Kerry: U.S. “not happy” that the decline in oil prices affected the Russian economy

NEW YORK, October 14. /Corr. Igor Borisenko/. The decline in world oil prices has an impact on the Russian economy, but the U.S. “not happy”. With such statement has acted on Tuesday, the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry at the School of management named after John F. Kennedy school of government at Harvard University, responding to the question, does the drop in oil prices “geopolitical pressure” on Russia.

According to him, reduction of prices “had a strong influence on the budgets and choices of those countries that create the problems”. “In Russia the drop in oil prices in combination with the entered sanctions have created difficulties in the economy,” says Kerry. “We can’t be happy about it, because I do not want to suffer the Russians, he said. – We, of course, trying to ensure that changes were achieved in regard to the Ukraine, and, I think, in the next month we will see whether it was possible”.