Lavrov: the United States refused to classify the attack as an attack on the Russian Embassy in Syria

MOSCOW, October 14. The United States refused to support the UN security Council’s statement condemning the terrorist attack against Russian Embassy in Damascus. This was stated by foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking in the state Duma during the “Government hour”.

“Yesterday was the attack of our Embassy in Damascus, two mortars fell, one near the sports complex, the other on the roof of a house, there was a slight fire, it is eliminated. No there are no victims. In such situations we are always in the UN security Council adopted a short statement condemning such attacks,” – said Lavrov.

“We have circulated a model text, which SAT was used repeatedly. Unfortunately, our American colleagues who are interested in whether we are fighting terrorism, refused to support it in the wording, which described the incident as a terrorist attack, and instead offered to write that “we condemn the attack and affirm that responsibility for the security of embassies and consulates are covered by the host party”, so the Syrian government”, – said the Minister.

“Well known to them, us and everything on the outskirts of Damascus entrenched militants, including organizations, whose membership consists of terrorist groups,” he said.

“It is regrettable that our American colleagues in this case stands, in fact, not on the side of those who fight terrorism, condemns terror. We have to speak of double standards”, – said the Minister.

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