Lavrov: West’s attempts to delay the process just world lead to chaos

MOSCOW, October 14. The West’s attempts to stop the process just world lead to increasing chaos. This was stated on Wednesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking at the “Government hour” in the state Duma.

“Attempts by the West led by the US to delay the process of formation of a new fair polycentric world order, to continue to impose to the countries the recipes of reforms lead to increasing chaos, meet the growing rejection”, – he stressed.

Minister Lavrov has indicated that Russia will continue pursuing an independent, multivector, the national interest policy.

The draft resolution of the Russian Federation in the UN security Council on combating terrorism brings from the shadows the actions of the US coalition, the work on the document is underway, the Minister said.

You must stop using the UN in a unilateral order, Lavrov said.

“The President of Russia Vladimir Putin emphasized that we are all different and this should be treated with respect, no one is obliged to conform to any one model of development, which someone once declared the only true, – said the Minister. – Therefore, you must stop using the UN as a selfish, one-sided purposes.”

“Positive results can be achieved when member States of the UN and, above all, the members of the UN security Council unite efforts and find mutually acceptable politico – diplomatic solutions,” he said.