Lavrov will speak in the state Duma and head to Finland for the session of the Council of the Barents region

MOSCOW, October 14. The Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov during government hour will tell the state Duma deputies about the work of the foreign Ministry, and then will head to Finland, where he will participate in the 15th Ministerial session of the Council of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC).

Main theme – part VC of the Russian Federation in operations in Syria

The participation of the foreign Minister in the government hour provides a statement from the Minister in which we will focus on the situation in the international arena and the efforts of the Ministry for the promotion of the interests of the Russian Federation. This is followed by questions from representatives of four parliamentary fractions, the performance of their leaders and the final review Lavrov.

The main topic is expected to be the participation of Russian troops in the fight against terrorists in Syria, efforts to resolve the crisis in that country, as well as interaction with Western countries on these issues. Among other topics, the humanitarian situation in the Donbass, the protection of Russian property abroad. The questions of the deputies, as a rule, also devoted to topical issues of Russian foreign policy. A traditional feature is that members of Parliament ask questions, including connected with the interests of those specific regions that they represent.

According to first Deputy head of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Yemelyanov of the just Russia intend to assess the activity of the foreign Ministry. According to him, the faction is convinced that Russia should “restrain expansionist efforts not only in Eastern Europe and the middle East, but also in other regions”. “Our foreign policy activity should be more varied. Europe cannot be the sole center of our efforts. And Latin America, and Asia, and Africa deserve more attention and resources on these diplomatic direction,” – said Emelyanov.

He noted that just Russia will also be interested in the prospects of solving visa issues with the country from which Russia arrive in the main mass of tourists. It will also focus on the protection of Russian property abroad. “Since some time ago, concluded the international Convention, which we actually declined from the absolute sovereignty of the Russian Federation in matters of property ownership and moved to a limited sovereignty, we want to know, does our foreign Ministry to insist on the exit from certain conventions,” added Emelyanov.

Meanwhile, as has told the Deputy Yaroslav Nilov, an LDPR will be interested in, “what is the role of Russia in the new coordinate system”. “In this case we are interested in the situation in Syria, the UN, the work of the Russian delegation on the international level, the fight against international terrorism and Russia’s role in this process”, – said Nilov. According to him, the liberal democratic party will raise the issue of refugees in Europe. “We will also talk about the further development of Russian-Chinese relations, prospects of development of the SCO, the fate of Transnistria, relations with Turkey”, – said the MP.

Among those who will be interested in the Communist party, the problem of Syria and Donbass, as well as its humanitarian dimension, said the Deputy Alexander Yushchenko.


After the speech in the state Duma, Lavrov will fly to the city of Oulu (Finland), where on 14 October, opens on 15 Ministerial session of the BEAC. At that time, the chairmanship of the organization for the next two years will be transferred from Finland Russia. “We intend to be guided in its activities by the principle of continuity, to take into account the interests of all participants of the Barents cooperation, including the indigenous population, – have informed in the Russian dipvedomstva. – The main objective we consider the promotion of sustainable socio-economic development of the region, creation of modern infrastructure, improve its competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the rational use of industrial, scientific, innovative and resource potential, and environmental compliance”.

During the work of the Council will be discussed the issues of strengthening the financial basis of the organization’s activities, including taking into account the findings and recommendations of the Target working group of the Council for the study of the possibility of creating in the Barents region the project funding mechanism. Following the meeting it is planned to adopt a joint communiqué, which will reflect the current priorities of the BEAC: “the development of transport and logistics infrastructure, including the use of the Northern sea route, increasing cross-border economic activities, interaction in the sphere of energy efficiency, environmental protection and combating climate change, tourism, youth and cultural exchanges”.