Media: the MAYOR praised the development strategy of small and medium businesses up to 2030 820 billion rubles.

MOSCOW, October 14. Draft long-term strategy of development of small and medium-sized businesses up to 2030, which the Ministry of economic development estimates nearly 820 billion, submitted to the government. The Finance Ministry evaluating the feasibility of these requests has not given, reports the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the document.

According to the project, the main “system integrator” to support small business will become a Corporation for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Within three months from the date of approval of this document by the White house and the economic development Corporation for the development of SMEs will present a “road map” for its implementation in the next two years.

The cost of a long-term plan to support small business (in Russia there are 5.6 million SMEs) the MAYOR has estimated at 819,5 billion roubles, Of which 570 billion rubles – existing programs the MAYOR (23 billion rubles), agriculture (8 billion rubles), the Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in scientific-technical sphere (7 billion rubles) and the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (RUB 0.3 billion). The recapitalization of SME Bank will be up to 2030 145 billion rubles.

To increase the capital of the Corporation for SME development from 2016 to 2020 requested 100 billion rubles. Scope of support measures from the “integrator” – from financial to information (plans including mobile application, Federal portal, hotline). Together with the regions you will create a network of specialized leasing companies, which should ensure the access of small business to high-tech equipment and transport – this will take most of the funding Corporation.

Among the objectives of the Corporation is to help entrepreneurs with preferential acquisition of real estate. The office, Alexander Braverman will also develop and implement standards for the provision of various forms and types of support at all levels – Federal, regional and municipal – as well as the standards of lending to SMEs. Through the mechanism of securitization, the Corporation intends to utilize the resources of institutional investors – insurance companies, pension funds.

As reported by the publication in the MAYOR, the draft strategy is now being coordinated with other ministries, which should be completed by early November.