Novak: only Gazprom can meet the needs of Kiev in gas in winter

Novak: only Gazprom can meet the needs of Kiev in gas in winter

MOSCOW, 14 Oct.Prime. To meet the needs of Ukraine in Gaza in the winter can only “Gazprom”, the supply of reverse gas will not help, said energy Minister Alexander Novak.

“As you know, the whole reverse almost two-thirds is due to the supply of Russian gas to Europe. For the most part, it’s our gas. Of course, we are interested in supplying gas directly. The advance payment from the “Naftogaz” has already arrived, and out went the gas (to Ukraine), that’s a positive thing,” he said.

“Most importantly, in the winter, “Naftogaz” has found resources to pay to “Gazprom” gas supplies in the winter period to ensure current needs. Besides “Gazprom”, in fact, such requirements in winter will not be provided by anyone, including due to the reverse”, he added.

“Gazprom” on October 12, resumed gas supplies to Ukraine after receipt from Naftogaz 234 million advance payment promised by Kiev, according to the so-called “winter package” of 500 million.

In winter gas package, which Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission initialled on 25 September, agreed the purchase of “Naftogaz” from “Gazprom” gas credit on 500 million dollars attracted using the EC. The government of the Russian Federation provided Ukraine a discount for the fourth quarter of approximately $ 20 per thousand cubic meters. Itself the contract price is 248-252 dollars per thousand cubic meters, said energy Minister Alexander Novak.

In January-June of 2015, Ukraine has purchased 3.7 billion cubic meters of Russian gas. In July, August and September, Naftogaz bought gas from Russia. The Ukrainian side is not satisfied with the price, with the discount of $ 40 had to be 247,17 dollars per thousand cubic meters. During this period, Ukraine was the cost of gas purchased on the reverse.