Premier: inventory of property in the scientific field is an important task FANO

Premier: inventory of property in the scientific field is an important task FANO

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the situation in the field of science generally calm, but have to determine how best to manage the assets of the state Academy of Sciences.

SLIDES, 14 Oct. The Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev considers it important that a Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO) inventory of property in the scientific field.

He noted that the last meeting with the head of the Agency was two years ago, in October 2012, and discussed issues relating to the reform of the Academy of Sciences, the emergence of a state structure that is responsible for promoting the activities of scientific organizations, as divided powers and won’t there be any disputes around property of individual institutions.

“As the experience of two years, the overall situation is normal and calm. If there is any roughness or friction, they can be removed. But, on the other hand, from what I understand, expect, hope, still managed to make the necessary inventory of property of the state Academy of Sciences, to understand what possesses the state, that is, how best to manage this property, that is clean in this area,” said Medvedev, opening the meeting with the head of the FANO Michael Katukova.

Kotyukov confirmed that over the past two years in all key decisions FANO together with the Academy of Sciences tried to build a system that allowed you to take mutually acceptable decisions.

“In property management, I can say that the work that was carried out in this period of time, it is actually comparable with the work that has been conducted in the preceding period, was made. On public objects we have in the inventory identified more than 41 thousand of such objects in the whole system of academia. Today I can say that 80% of these facilities have received executed documents, 70% of the issued ownership with the Russian Federation. We these rates are not reducing”, — reported the head of FANO.

The Prime Minister asked whether there was these objects have any title documents. “About one-third was with papers and decorated property rights… is huge, of course, the burden was placed on the staff of our institutions,” said Kotyukov.

He stressed that the Agency is often criticized in the growth of the bureaucratic load. “Largely it stems from the fact that it was necessary to do it,” said Kotyukov.

“It may be indeed a certain increase in this pressure (there is), but even worse would be if all this resulted in the loss of objects which belong to the Academy of Sciences. And, unfortunately, we are aware of such cases. Therefore, the inventory, registration and issuance of title documents that describe the ownership of the state, is the most important task of the Agency”, — answered Medvedev.

“Good, that focused,” said Kotyukov.

“I must say that all the Federal agencies that take part in this — and the Federal property management Agency and the Federal registration service, is coming forward. And today notice that, actually, in terms of registration of state property we are among the leaders of all the Federal Executive authorities that are sufficiently long dealing with this issue. So — this is the result of our common work, and I think in the near future will be able to complete it,” said the head of FANO.