Rosturizm: the aviation authorities should insist on the cessation of ticketing Transaero tour

MOSCOW, October 14. /Corr. Nadezhda Gerashchenko/. The aviation authorities represented by the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency should insist on the cessation of the tickets of the bankrupt airline “Transaero” tour. This position was outlined by the head of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rostourism) Oleg Safonov.

“It seems to us that the suspension of sales of air tickets is a specific legal actions to be taken by either Ministry of transport or Rosaviatsia, or the airline “Transaero”. The corresponding letters with this position we sent to the address mentioned agencies and organizations”, – said the head of the Agency.

Until today, in fact the tour operators continue to discharge rounds with the tickets of “Transaero” because of existing contracts with the airline and significant amounts of prepaid tickets, he explained.

If Transaero is unable to perform its obligations, then she should say so, to declare and terminate the contract that it has with turoperatoram and is functioning. In any contract there is the possibility of unilateral termination by one reason or another, Safonov stressed.

“If the airline realizes that she does not fulfill the assumed obligations, at the same time she received the money, not to increase the debt to tourists, of course, this decision (unilateral termination of the contract – approx. ed.) should be taken as soon as possible”, – said Safonov.

The aviation authorities should determine the carrier paid for the performance of obligations, concluded the head of the Federal tourism Agency.