The costs of organizing elections in the state Duma may increase, said Churov

MOSCOW, October 14. The CEC will spend 320 million rubles for the printing of information documents, posters and safety labels for ballot papers for the elections to the state Duma in 2016, while the Ministry admit that the cost of preparations for the elections may increase.

On Wednesday at the meeting of the CEC members approved the draft plan for the preparation of publications. “We have publications on the first section (“the Election of deputies of the state Duma” – approx.) about 320 million roubles are provided, this is what will be made directly to the CEC of the Russian Federation”, – said the Secretary of the Commission Nikolay Konkin. He specified that this amount does not include the printing of ballots. “Bulletins we have are made by election commissions of the subjects,” – said the CEC Secretary.

The CEC will release in book form of the Federal laws “On basic guarantees of electoral rights”, “On elections of deputies of the state Duma”, “On political parties”, notes the observer with a circulation of 100 thousand copies, a special mark for protection bulletins (227 million copies).

CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov said that the CEC is “not in vain has a special article in the Budget code”, because it works “under conditions of significant uncertainty costs.” According to Churov, if the number of parties and candidates is large enough, the ballots will be printed in booklet form, and hence to consider the issue of additional protection of special marks of all pages. This will require additional costs.

“Even once we adopt this plan, there will still be uncertainty. Will have to lay additional charges are possible in the budget for organizing elections in the state Duma of the seventh convocation”, – said the CEC head.