The EBRD does not comment on the future purpose he is the chief economist of the Bank

LONDON, October 14. /Corr. Maxim Ryzhkov/. The European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) has not yet commented on the information about the future appointment of well-known Russian economist Sergei Guriev chief economist of the Bank.

“Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t provide comments on a requested appointment. But if there are changes, we will contact you,” – said Corr. in the London headquarters of the EBRD.

The message about the upcoming appointment he today issued an American news Agency Bloomberg, citing two of their source. Thus, according to the Agency, and Guriev, the head of the Department for external relations of the EBRD Anthony Williams refused to give any comments on this topic.

If this appointment happens, Guriev will be the first Russian who will occupy the post of chief economist at the EBRD.

From 2004 to 2013 Sergei Guriev worked in the post of the rector of the Russian economic school. In 2013 he left Russia and moved to France.