The energy Ministry expects gas production growth in Russia in 2015

MOSCOW, 14 Oct. The Ministry of energy predicts by the end of 2015 a small increase in gas production compared to 2014 at 640 billion cubic meters, Minister of energy Alexander Novak.

Last forecast Ministry for the current year is for the extraction of 626 billion cubic meters, export to 170.2 billion cubic meters.

“Over the past three years, the rate of gas production corresponds to the previously achieved levels. Last year we produced about 30 billion cubic meters less than in 2013 was 640 billion cubic meters. There are the challenges of external environment and policies aimed at diversification of gas supplies to European consumers. This year the national gas production is expected to be slightly higher and we will reach these figures,” said Novak, speaking at a meeting of the Board of RSPP.

In 2014, gas production in Russia amounted to 640,3 billion cubic meters, of which 444 billion cubic meters fell on the share of “Gazprom”. According to Gazprom, the total export of gas in 2014 from Russia amounted to 191,5 billion cubic meters, of which was supplied to Europe 146,6 billion, in countries of the former USSR — 44,857 billion cubic meters.