The German consortium may participate in the financing of HSR “Moscow-Kazan”, along with China

MOSCOW, October 14. The consortium “German initiative” can participate in the project financing of high speed railway (HSR) “Moscow-Kazan” along with China, said President and CEO Siemens in Russia and Central Asia, Vice-President of Siemens AG Dietrich Moeller.

“We know that the agreement with China was announced some funding, but not enough to Fund the entire route, rolling stock, so we are considering financing a certain part – for example, equipment, rolling stock,” said Moeller.

He recalled that on the eve of the discussion at the forum VTB Capital “Russia calls!” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin noted the importance of financing the creation of the CSM. “The President spoke about what the economic parameters, financing for such a project the key question, said Moeller. – Look, what will be the final cost of the route, but funding is still needed and we are trying in this direction to think.”

Moeller recalled that Siemens is willing to work together with the “Sinara” to offer the rolling stock and is also interested in automation, signalling, power supply VSM. According to him, Siemens is ready to offer to the CSM “next generation “peregrine”, and to develop and produce in the joint venture Siemens and “Ekaterinburg” – “Ural locomotives”.

Commenting on the information that as baseline ventures for the development of trains for HSR “Moscow-Kazan” today is the Group “Sinara” and Chinese CRCC, the head of Siemens in Russia, did not rule out the possibility of trilateral cooperation in this direction. “While we such negotiations are not, but, from my point of view, it is possible to consider all possible options,” he said.